Younger for Longer by Dr. Duncan Carmichael – book review

Younger for Longer 

Book cover, Younger for Longer
Younger for Longer


Wow, what can I say about this book? Amazing! It truly revolutionised my approach to both anti aging from both a beauty perspective and from a health angle. Before reading this, I had seen these two dimensions as completely separate things – beauty care taking in things like Botox, facelifts, fillers, facial treatments, designer skincare etc. And healthcare looking at such things as diet, exercise, medicines, health supplements and so on. This was the first time I had been presented with the truth that actually they are inextricably linked, and even brought in a third dimension – how to live a life that is not only longer but healthier throughout the span of your life. Health, beauty and longevity all in one go!

It covers a lot of background science in an easy to read, accessible way, so you can understand the principles of staying looking good and feeling young for longer. Covering such topics as hormones, toxins, stress, nutrition and exercise, it also covers beauty treatments that are actually good for you, and my favourite bit, a list of supplements that are easy to take and can help erase the signs of aging, leaving you feeling and looking younger, fresher, brighter. And in my case, more energised!

It applies equally to men and women, with special chapters for each, so anyone can read it and benefit.

I started following the advice, and taking the recommended supplements right away, and boy, did I feel and look better quickly! It’s still a journey I’m on of course, but this was a massive paradigm shift for me and paid dividends immediately. I’m continuing to follow the knowledge and advice I gleaned from this book, and I bless the man that wrote it. I re-read it every now and again just to make sure I didn’t forget anything, as there is so much to take it you really can’t absorb it all in one go.

Personally recommended with a BIG 5 stars!

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I hope you enjoy, and please do give me your feedback when you’ve read it!

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