Anti Aging – Your Hair!

Perhaps one of the trickiest areas to deal with. Whether you are male or female, young or old, it’s probable that your hair is very important to you. And it’s one of the first areas to start showing the signs of aging! And when your hair doesn’t feel good, you don’t feel good. How often have you said “I’m having a bad hair day”? Some of us joke we are having  a bad hair life!

There are so many factors involved here – the classic three of “cut, condition and colour”. But above and beyond that there is texture, thickness, length, coverage, as well as how to suit your face shape, your clothes and your general style. And do you want one definite style that defines you or do you prefer hair that is versatile and can be changed in style according to your mood and/or the occasion?

So much to consider, and every factor enhances or detracts from the way you look, and the way you feel about yourself.

I can’t possibly cover everything here. So I’m going to pick and choose things that I know have worked for me. And unusually, I’m going to start with the things that either did not work for me, or that actually made things worse! Sometimes all you need is to avoid the things that might damage your hair, so I’ll start there.

To start at the beginning – in my early teens, I developed some kind of scalp infection that led to terrible itching and dandruff. Well, that had to go! I consulted my G.P, who prescribed a very strong sulphur shampoo and recommended I wash my hair every day until the problem was cured. I took his advice. It started to have an effect and things improved, but it never really cleared. Unfortunately, I didn’t reurn to the same G.P. for a follow up , as I moved house, and so I missed his next vital piece of advice – that long term use of a sulphur shampoo can permanently damage the hair roots, and so it should be used for a maximum of two weeks. I used it for two years. It when only when my previously thick hair started falling out in handfuls and it became very thin and weak, that I did some research. And found out what I was doing wrong. It was too late to reverse the terrible damage, but what I was able to do was to change immediately to a non-sulphur treatment shampoo – and that includes changing generally to non-sulphate shampoos. Most on the shelves use some kind of sulphate, so if you have weak, thin, falling or damaged hair, you need to search out ones that don’t. I noticed a considerable improvement with this simple change – I hope you do too!

Anyway, on to the positives. One of the first thing that will help your hair is to improve the circulation to your scalp. GENTLE massage – and I cannot stress this highly enough – GENTLE massage. If the massage is too vigorous on weak on damaged or weak hair, it will fall or break all the more. But my favourite technique to improve the blood flow to the scalp is an inverter. This is not for everyone, but it was originally recommended to me for a bad back. It worked  a treat for both my back and my hair, and I mentioned it to an Oriental friend who looked years younger than he actually was. “Oh yes” he smiled “I’ve used an inverter for years. It improves blood flow to the face as well, that’s how I stay so young!”.

Please remember this is not for everyone, and if you are in any doubt as to whether this will suit you, and especially if you have blood pressure problems, please do consult your mecial practitioner.


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An added tip – while you are on the inversion table, this is a perfect time to gently massage your scalp, and lifting the hair roots a little away from the scalp to increase the blood flow.

Now – the massagers themselves. If you have ever been rough with your scalp or your hair, it will need gentleness to get over the stress and recover it’s strength. If you’ve used scratchy hairbrushes, harsh products, or been in the habit of scratching your head, the nerves in your scalp may be very sore and need soothing.

What I have found very effective – and enjoyable! – is the simplest form of wire scalp massager. You gently glide it through the hair, softly massaging the scalp right at the hair root, without damaging the hair in any way. Please note, for efficient packaging, the massager prongs are often pressed quite close together, and you’ll need to gently release them apart until the massager glides gently through your hair with  a whisper-touch to the scalp.

There is also a form of scalp massager that has tiny rollerballs, and this honestly can feel quite delightful! And encourages good circulation to the scalp, increasing the stregth of the hair root and scalp over time.

UK purchasers at the moment have a great bargain available – both types of massger, along with an added shampoo brush (I find this a bit too hard for my liking, but it might suit you). All 3 products packaged together for one bargain price!



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Please remember – GENTLE! To get the best results, a little daily rather than an occasional marathon. Soft and gentle application will over time soothe and strengthen the scalp and help you grow stronger, thicker, longer, better hair!

If you’ve already read my page on red and infra-red light, you’ll know I’m a big fan. I find it thickens, strenghtens and plumps up the skin beautifully – and that includes the skin on your scalp. It also seems to help beef up the hair roots, making the hair stronger, thicker and more lush.

I first noticed this when I was using a full-body red light collagen bed. Not only did my skin rejevenate and heal, bringing me lots of compliments, but so did my hair! It’s always been fragile, as I mentioned before, and would thin and fall at the slightest sign of stress or illness. So for my hair to grow that much thicker, longer and stronger during what was one of the wrost and most stressful times of my life was to bring me a pure joy.

Full-body red light collagen beds, though, drained my energy (I’ve always had low energy levels) and I had to cut back on their use. My hair responded by thinning and falling again. I tried an infra-red lamp (tricky to use on the scalp) and a red LED comb. That wasn’t so good either, as the LEDs were in the body of the comb, not in the prongs, so the light didn’t seem to reach the scalp. No good at all, really!

But I’ve just found a gadget, very cost effective, that I am very excited about right from Day 1!

It’s a hairbrush, where the bristles are themselves lit with red light – and you can flip between red and blue light, and as an added bonus it is a massager!

I’m using it for 10 minutes a day, brushing slowly and carefully through the hair from left to right and then from right to left; straight back, right through the crown; and turning my head upside down to brush from the roots. It must be strengthening the scalp and the roots very quickly (each hair root has it’s own tiny erector muscle that gives the hair bounce, movement and fullness rather than lying flat) as I could see a difference right from the very first day! I’m confident it will go on to stimulate good scalp tcondition, and so encourage the thick, long strong hair growth I had before.


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A bonus is the blue light – I find that the red light thickens skin tissue , while the blue light tightens it. The skin on my scalp is thin and weak, hence I’m using the red light on it. The skin on my face has been thickened up and strengthened nicely by my other red light treatments, so I’m using the blue light as a kind of tightening acupressure on my face. My face definitely looks smoother and more lifted – and it’s only Day 5! Watch this space!!

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