Anti Aging – Your Hair, part 2!

Photo by Tim Mossholder from Pexels

There is so much to anti aging your hair, that I couldn’t possibly get it all into one page, so here I am starting a second……and may go on to a third……..!

I wish I’d started anti-aging my hair a lot earlier, so I probably have much more catching up to do than most of you – but we all have to start somewhere!

The product I’m going to recommend here is one I’ve had for a couple of years now, and I can’t begin to tell you what a difference it’s made. When I was suffering my worst hair problems, it wasn’t just falling out by the roots – the fragile, thin hair I had left was also breaking like you wouldn’t believe. It was mortifying, and I was terrified of how thin it was going to get if I didn’t do something soon. The red and infra-red light therapy was certainly slowing down and reversing the hair loss from the roots, but did nothing for the breakage along the hair shaft.

Then I found a recommendation for silk pillowcases. Apparently, cotton pillowcases, and other fibres, can tug and pull and twist your hair while you sleep, tearing at it, and weakening and breaking the hair along it’s whole length. I didn’t like the sound of that! So I tried silk pillowcases. Did they make a difference? Oh yeah!

I don’t know what the labelling laws are like is the U.S, but here in the U.K you often see satin pillowcases marketed at silk. Silk is a completely natural product, produced by silkworms. It’s quite expensive, but glorious. Satin is a smooth fabric meant to feel like silk as much as it can, but made from synthetic fibres. It’s much cheaper, of course.

I’ve tried both, and honestly I’m happy with either. It’s made a huge difference in reducing the amount of breakage, so helping me keep the hair I’ve so lovingly grown!


Here is a link to Amazon UK real natural silk pillowcases, in various colours –





And a link to Amazon UK satin pillowcases, again in various colours –







Now for the US – Amazon link to pure natural silk pillowcases –





And to Amazon US satin pillowcases, again in various colours –





Let’s keep the hair you’ve already got!

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