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Book cover, Younger for Longer
Younger for Longer

Alpha lipoic acid was the very first thing I tried having just read the brilliant “Younger for Longer” book by Dr Duncan Carmichael (there’s a review and a link to the book on my posts page).

I was inspired first of all by what he says on p209 where he explains how the process of glycation damages and wrinkles the skin, and what to do about it. “And while we are on the topic of alpha lipoic acid” he says “a great treatment for a smoker’s hardened top lip is – short of a plastic surgeon sanding it off –  a good quality alpha lipoic acid serum………applying the serum nightly for three months to the top lip often reverses much of the hardening and damage”. Well I was sold!

Further along in the book on p340 he says “it’s a contender in my list of five favourite supplements. It is thought to stimulate collagen and have an antioxidant effect by clearing away damaging particles in the skin………….and it reverses premature aging in sun damaged skins”.

So I could both apply it as a topical serum and take it as a supplement for all over skin conditioning! Result!

And result it was. I certainly did see a softening of the lines on my upper lip, but more importantly I saw all my skin becoming smoother, plumper, firmer and more mobile, not just on my face but all over my body. That stiff, rigid look of aging skin was just melting away. And the sun damage (I was very much a sun-worshipper in my early life) visibly faded and the whole skin brightened in tone.

I can honestly say I began to see a difference in just a few days, and I’m still seeing more benfits today, as I continue to take it daily. What I’m most pleased with is actually the skin on the backs of my hands – the skin had always been quite thin and dry, and had suffered badly with sun damage and liver spots. My hands looked much older than the rest of me. But with the Alpha lipoc acid, my hands are much more supple and smooth, the sun damage has almost completed faded away and all but one of my liver spots have entirely disappeared! My hands look years younger. So I highly recommended this!

Now please remember I am not a medical professional and you should always check whether these supplements and skincare products I recommend are right for you. As long as your healthcare provider says ok, here are the ones I recommend.


Alpha Lipoic Acid serum from The Ordinary

Alpha lipoic acid serum by The Ordinary. There are more expensive brands out there, and you may want to try them, but this is the one I’m using. I find it excellent quality, and remembering this is, it’s also at a great price point!

For the Amazon UK link click here……..

Presently I can find no direct link for you in the US, I will load one up as soon as I can find one, so you may wish to order from the UK site until it’s available.



Alpha Lipoic Acid supplement 600mg

Alpha lipoic acid supplements – I started off by taking ALA from which I was very happy with, but I’ve just noticed an even more powerful product on the Amazon that I’m going to move to, so I’m recommending that –

For the Amazon UK link click here……….

And for the US equivalent, for the Amazon link click here……..

Please do let me know if you have started using this product and tell us what results you found, I do hope they are as good as mine – I’m delighted!


6 Replies to “Alpha Lipoic acid – product review”

  1. Hi,
    Great to hear that this product has had positive effects on yourself. Too many supplements are never backed by actual life stories of improvement. In regards to Alpha Lipoic acid do you know if there are foods that can be introduced into the diet that may aid in these benefits as well as just taking supplementation?
    Great read

    1. Thank you Justin! Age comes to us all sadly, it’s nice to put it off for a while! Yes, you can find ALA in some foods – some greens like spinach, brussels and kale, and also organ meats especially cow brains, spleen, heart and kidney. Of course, not many people eat organ meats these days, and not everyone likes greens, ( I do I’m glad to say, brussles are a favourite of mine!). In any case, it’s always the way that a supplement contains a far greater amount than you could get from eating these foods alone, so the supplements and serum pack a punch that the foods alone just can’t. I guess that’s why they are called supplements, they as an “as well as” not a “substitute for!” Good luck if you decide to try them, and let me know how you get on!

    1. Lol, I won’t tell anyone where your wife gets her new knowledge and youth from! She is welcome to message me if ever needs further details, and I’d love to know how she gets on! Thanks for the comment, much appreciated you took the time to read.

  2. We all want to look better and I look for products that help me attain a better look.
    The product you reviewed looks great for hands like mine that are dry and cracked. I’m looking to purchase and see what kind of results I’ll get.
    Thanks for the information & the review.

    1. Thank you Bob, and I really hope the products help! The climate I live in is much milder than yours, so I have no personal experience in how they work on hands affected by extreme cold. So I’ll be keen to find out what you think when you’ve tried them! Please do keep me up to date.

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