Anti Aging – red and infra-red light

Did you know that any single frequency of light will stimulate healing? And that different wavelengths of light will promote healing at different rates, and also affect various body tissues in different ways?

Photo by Susanne Jutzeler from Pexels

Red light for instance, will heal the skin specifically, and stimulate the growth of new collagen to make the skin more firm, plump and smooth. Blue light will heal at a deeper level – in fact, babies born with jaundice are sometimes treated in hospital by putting them under a blue light which heals their body tissues, and clears the blood. Blue light is also used to heal acne, as it kills germs.

And green light is soothing and healing on inflamed, red skin.

In fact, each wavelength has not only it’s ability to make the body heal faster, but each has it’s own specific benefits on top of that. So while any single wavelength is useful for healing, it’s useful to know what the additional benefits are, and how best to use them to get the maximum benefit.

After all, what is aging but deterioration of the body? And if these light sources can promote healing to reduce or wipe out that deterioration, of course it will make you look younger! As well as healing acne, stretch marks, scars, strains etc. And when you look in the mirror and see that you look younger, don’t you immediately feel better too? I know I do!

I could waffle on for ages about the scientific background, but I guess most people will be interested in the bottom line – how will it work for me, and how do I apply it? So that’s where I’ll start.

Light therapy can be applied in so many different ways, it’s difficult to know where to start! Looking around my own home, I have 7 different light-application gadgets, and I use 5 of them on a regular basis. As always, I’m only going to discuss things I’ve actually used myself, or that have been recommended by friends and colleagues. I’ll also tell you what hasn’t worked for me, or why I wouldn’t use a particular gadget again. And in some cases I have maybe a basic model, and because it’s been so good, I’d definitely recommend the latest, most advanced version. I have everthing from small, cheap, hand-held facial wands, up to fullsize body treatments, and they all have their uses.

I’m going to start with the most expensive – this is my overall favourite, and is how I got started on the light therapy trail. I saw an advertisement for what looked like a full-body sunbed, but with claims that it’s red light stimulated the skin to grow new collagen – healing stretch marks (I had terrible ones, the bane of my life since a teenager!) , scars, and then rejuvenating the skin, making it plumper firmer and more elastic, and so look younger. Well that was it, I had to try it!

It did all it said – and more. I started at 3 treatments a week, and the changes were dramatic. My skin even looked a much better colour, and people started to compliment me on how well I was looking. (For us ladies only, there an extra, unadvertised benefit. It completely rejuvenated , how can we say this delicately, my chest area? My boobs filled, lifted and firmed, and I went up a bra size. Result!! The funniest and most gratifying moment was when my ex turned up to collect some stuff, and stared at my chest in complete confusion. I was wearing quite a close fitting dress, and you could see him wondering whether I’d had a boob job in the few weeks since he’d seen me last! I just smiled sweetly and let him leave wondering whether he’d made the right decision, and how he could have got it so wrong. A very gratifying moment!)

A word of warning though – healing is an energy-intensive process. Although 3 sessions a week brought fantastic and speedy results, over time I realised I was getting very tired. I’ve always had problems with low energy, and rejuvenating at this rate just drained my energy to much. So I had to cut back to once a week, and for me, that’s actually plenty. You have to see what suits you, as we are all different!

I’m currently looking into specific products that I can recommend for purchase as sadly the one I have is not longer available. Since they are expensive, in the thousands, it’s important to get it right. I’ll keep you posted!

So on to the much more purse-friendly options!

Next is infra-red. A longer wavelength than the red light collagen-producing light, infra-red is well known for promoting healing in deeper tissues, and is often used by physiotherapists for healing strains and injuries. It also boosts the metabolic rate and has many health benefits. There are so many infra-red gadgets on the market, I can’t possibly mention them all, but there are 3 I have at home which I can comment on personally.

The first is a simple lamp, it’s light, easy to use, and you can direct it on the face or any body part that you need to strengthen and heal. I found it great for thickening the underlying tissues of the face and so lifting it and filling the face out, making it look younger. It’s also recommended if you have a cold, apparently, to heal the sinuses and clear the cold virus! Very cheap, and for me it was great to have when I need just as an extra treatment on the face (or chest).


For Amazon US link to infra-red lamp click here –

(This is the nearest I can find to mine , the design is a little different)






For the Amazon UK link to infra-red lamp click here –






The next is a combination gadget – infra-red light plus vibrational massage. Obviously wonderful on injuries or sprains, but I also incorporate mine into a lonce-a-week beauty treatment where I use it on my upper arms to strenghten and firm the skin where it can become loose weak and saggy over time. Really makes the upper arms look younger! I also use it on my face, but in a rather different way from use on loose body tissues. On the face I simply press, lift and hold, covering each part of the face in turn, rather than move it over the skin in a smoothing motion as I would do on the body. It has an obvious and immediate lifting and firming effect. Be careful not to drag the skin!

For the Amazon US infra-red massager click here –

This one looks rather more advanced than mine, I’d love to try it!






For link to Amazon UK infra-red massager click here –

This is the exact one I have, love it!



And the third is an infra-red sauna. I have mixed results with this. On the one hand, it certainly does what it says on the tin – it heals body tissues at a deep level, is great for detoxing and for skin conditioning. So for that, I love it! But I did find I felt somewhat strange while using the version I had, which was the portable one. I later found it gives off a strong magnetic field, and it has been suggested that I may react badly to those – some people do, and I may be one of them. I can’t say for sure, but for the moment I’ve put it to one side while I look into getting a better one. My friend already has, and is delighted with hers! She had a similar problem with her portable one that I had, but since changing to a permanent one, she hasn’t looked back.



For a link to the Amazon US portable infra-red sauna click here –








For a link to the Amazon US full size version click here –




This is the one I have




For a link to the Amazon UK portable infra-red sauna click here –





This is the one I’m thinking of getting



For a link to the Amazon UK full size 2-person infra-red sauna click here –






And lastly we have hand held wands for facial use. Some of them incorporate other functions like a microcurrent to exercise the facial muscles, or super-fast tiny vibrations to tighten and firm tissues. Nowadays, they often have several light colours to choose from too, so you can change from red to blue to green at a moments notice, and without changing gadgets midstream. Great for travelling! And very effective. I have two, and love them both! Again, the ones I have are no longer listed so I’ve chosen the nearest equivalents. They are upgraded all the time, so these are likely to be even better than the ones I have.


For link to the Amazon US facial EMS and light wand click here –

(this is the exact one I have, it’s great!)





For link to the Amazon US facial light wand with vibrational massage click here –

(this is an updated version of mine)





For link to the Amazon UK facial EMS and light wand click here –

(this is the exact one I have, it’s great!)





For link to the Amazon UK facial light wand with vibrational massage click here –


(this is a more advanced version of mine)





Whew! I know that’s a lot, but honestly I could have covered so much more, and I probably will at some stage. Any questions, of course, please do ask – or if you want to give me feedback on how they have worked for you, or suggest alternatives, I’m all ears! It’s great to be able to help each other……

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Anti Aging – your smile!


young smile!

Does this look like your smile?






shark smile!
Photo by GEORGE DESIPRIS from Pexels

Or is yours more like this??






Bit of an extreme example, I grant you! But it’s a serious point. When you look in the mirror day after day, you get used to seeing your own teeth. And as they change over time, becomng more gray or yellow, tartar building up, looking stained, with broken or with visible fillings, and becoming more crowded over time (yes, this happens) . The changes day by day are tiny and incremental and so you have time to get used to them. They look normal to you. And you may fail to notice how aging that has become over time. You may end up looking far older than you actually realise. No amount of good skincare can make up for badly aged teeth.

Try digging out an old photo of you when you were young – what did your teeth look like? If you covered up most of that photo so that only your teeth were showing, what age would you guess that person to be? And if you did the same to a recent pic of you, so that only your teeth were showing, what age would you guess that person to be? Is there a big difference?

If there is, it’s time to get busy! One of the quickest and most effective ways to look instantly younger is to get a lovely bright smile. (this will probably also improve your health, but I’ll cover that more in a future posting).

And there are definite steps you can take right away to get a much better smile than the one you have now. Cleaning, bleaching, and realigning your teeth can instantly make you look ears younger.

Photo by bruce mars from Pexels

Cleaning is the first step. A very good electric toothbrush and a high quality toothpaste obviously are essential. Seriously, the difference between what you can achieve with an electric toothbrush as opposed to a manual one is amazing! This step alone can lighten your smile immediately.


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(I’ve chosen this one because it’s an excellent quality but also because it’s currently on a great Special Offer Price! I hope it still is when you click…)




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(I’ve chosen this one because it’s an excellent quality but also because it’s currently on a great Special Offer Price! I hope it still is when you click…)


But what might astonish you is the difference an irrgator can make. Cleaning between your teeth is every bit as important and cleaning the surfaces. And when it comes to anti aging, an irrigator can clean away more visible years than even an electric toothbrush can! Over time, it’s the surfaces between the teeth that become most discoloured, stained, and attract the biggest scale build up. If you smash that away with an irrigator, I promise you the difference will be one you were glad to make! People will think you look younger, but usually they have no idea what you’ve done to achieve that younger look.


For link to Amazon US for between teeth irrigator, click here –






For link to Amazon UK between-teeth irrigator, click here –



(Both of these I’ve chosen are portable – so you can take with you wherever you travel! )

The next step is bleaching. There is no doubt that a whiter smile can instantly give you the look of a much younger person. But take care – you don’t want to end up with a smile so white it looks fake, as that’s a dead give away as to what you’ve been doing! Remember the film “There’s Something about Mary”? Do you remember the shockingly white teeth of Matt Dillon when he tries to attract Mary, beams at her and she recoils?! Not a good result!

The other thing to be careful of is the bleach itself – it can burn! There are several different strengths. I’d had bleaching trays made by a local dentist, and they were great. After the bleach he supplied ran out, I ordered from the internet, and for a while all was fine. But then one day I was in a hurry – and didn’t check that I was ordering the same strength as I was used to. I ordered the wrong strength by mistake, and what a trauma that turned out to be! I was used to filling my trays with a very gentle formula and leaving them in overnight. What I’d ordered was a bleach strength so powerful that it was supposed to be left on for only an hour. I fell asleep ok, but woke up with my mouth burning and the gums blistered and sore! So, it works brilliantly, but you have to be careful to use the right strength for you. If in doubt, start with the gentlest and work up. And never leave it longer than the instructions suggest!

You might also want to check with your healthcare professional that bleaching is ok for you. If you have any health problems at all, or if you suspect that for any reason this might not be right for you, please please do double check!

Photo by Alexander Krivitskiy from Pexels

Of course, we need to talk budget. The most expensive option is to get your teeth bleached in-house on a regular basis by a good professional dentist. You may want to shop around to get a good deal, or your might prefer to stick with a dentist you are familiar and comfortable with.

Home bleaching comes next, and even budgets on home bleaching can vary enormously. The safest and best way to start is with custom made trays which fit your teeth perfectly, and bleach supplied by a dentist. This gives you great controllability – you can deal with your own teeth quickly and simply when you know they need doing, rather than wait and try to book an appointment that works for you. Again, shop around for a dentist that can give you a good deal on custom made trays and that initial batch of bleach.

If you really want to save money , there are kits available to make your bleaching trays by mail order – you buy a kit and take your own impressions at home, then send the impressions off to the manufacturer’s lab to get the bleaching trays made and sent direct to you. I haven’t tried this myself, but it’s certainly something I would be happy to try. It’s a really low-cost option and if it works well, it could save you a bunch of money!

For a link to Amazon US for custom mail order bleaching trays , click here –





For a link to Amazon UK for custom mail order bleaching trays, click here –




What I really would not recommend at any price is ready-made trays you can buy over the counter at your local store. I did try these – never again! Believe me, one size definitely does not fit all! And you end up wasting a ton of bleach which just falls out and so can’t do it’s job properly. I’d avoid this like the plague – better to spend a little more and get a good job than spend less and waste it all.


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